FOX Kapap FX-602 Survival Knife

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FOX FKMD KAPAP FX-602 Military Knife -
FOX KAPAP Military Knife -
FOX FKMD KAPAP FX-602 Military Knife -
FOX KAPAP Military Knife -

FOX FKMD Israeli Tracker KAPAP FX-602 Survival Knife

- Made by Fox Knives in Italy -

Design by: "Avi and Ishai Nardia".


This highly modified Tracker has been developed in collaboration with the Israeli specialist Avi Nardia. The specifications were to shift its primary application from pure hacking work to more dynamic uses with more flexible handling without completely giving up its basic characteristics. As with other Trackers, the front-heavy blade ensures effective blows while the new blade geometry is designed for significantly more cutting power. The effective partial wave on the back of the blade is more accommodating for tactical applications than a traditional sawback. This is a design with high potential and excellent suitability for military use. The blade is N690 stainless steel with a black Idroglider coating and is finished with G10 handle scales. Includes Cordura sheath with a survival kit.

Avi Nardia (Major Res.) Martial Arts Instructor:

My swords school is the sword of giving life school and when I started to teach Combat, I noticed that many teach how to kill with a knife and explain the knife in the wrong way. You can kill with a stone... the knife is the most important tool for humans. We use it for our survival every day and with connecting to my personal history and way of life and principles and with consulting with knife masters. Based on the origin of the knife, gotten from my father, and with my experiences as Olympic fencing coach and knife fighting teacher as also Japanese swordsmanship I come to design this knife which will be the base for a workshop we teach in KAPAP called “Only Knife” and the students need take ONLY a knife and go into the woods all by themselves and survive. From building their own shelter, getting their food, water, fire, and taking care for all their needs to survive. The idea is that with my knife you save life and survive. This is the main idea for this knife- to give life, not to take life.

  - Survival kit included with the sheath -


Steel: N690-Co stainless steel HRC 58-60
Blade length: 7.48" inch / 190 mm
Total length: 12.60” inch / 320 mm
Handle length: 5.12” inch / 130 mm
Handle scales: G10 black

Blade thickness: 6 mm
Overall weight 385 gr.

Additional Information:

Blade Coating: black Idroglider

Handle: Hole for Lanyard

Blade: Partial serrated on the spine

Special non stick coating made of PTFE that ensures long life and rust resistance.