Victorinox Trailmaster Black Multi Tool Knife

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Victorinox Trailmaster Black Multi Tool Knife -

Swiss Victorinox Trailmaster Black Multi Tool Knife

- Made by Victorinox in Switzerland -

You never know when an easy morning walk will turn into something a lot more adventurous. But that's no problem when you're packing the Trailmaster pocket knife.

In between its rugged scales, you'll find 12 functions and all the support you need out there no matter what you do or where you go. It's a tool you can count on.


Blade length: 4.370” inch / 111 mm

Blade height: 0.709” inch / 18 mm

Handle scales: Black Polyamide 

Knife weight 130 gr.

Key Features:

– Your go-to essential for opening cans or sawing wood on trails and rambles

– Includes a liner lock system with lock blade for one hand and 2/3 wavy edge

– Swiss made pocket knife with 12 functions

  1. large blade with wavy edge
  2. reamer, punch
  3. bottle opener
  4. screwdriver 5 mm, lockable
  5. wire stripper
  6. wood saw
  1. Phillips screwdriver 1/2
  2. can opener
  3. screwdriver 3 mm
  4. tweezers
  5. toothpick
  6. key ring