Linder Knives

Linder Knives - Solingen / Germany

The traditional company Linder shuts down forever on 30th June 2022.

You will still find a small selection of selected Linder knives in our store.

The name Linder can be traced over hundreds of years in the Solingen City Archives in Germany. Many members of the knifemakers’ guild were bearing this name. They were grinders, smiths or hardeners and they passed on their knowledge from generation to generation. Also today Linder feels their obligation to tradition and Solingen as a base for making fine knives. The premium range of knives shown in this catalogue is still being manufactured in Solingen, Germany. In addition to the Solingen range Linder also offers quality proved merchandise sourced from other manufacturers to meet the wide-spread ambitions and ideas of the knife friend.

138 products

138 products