Boker Classic Western Bowie N690 Knife

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Boker Bowie N690 knife -
Boker Bowie N690 knife -
Boker Bowie N690 knife -
Boker Bowie N690 knife -
Boker Bowie N690 knife -
Boker Bowie N690 knife -

Böker Solingen Classic Western Bowie N690 Knife

- Made in Solingen / Germany -


The design of the traditional Boker Bowie was based on original drafts from the early 19th century and equipped with an extremely stable, 6.4 mm thick blade made from N690. The name of the knife goes back to James "Jim" Bowie, the famous pioneer and soldier who is revered as a hero of the Wild West. Contrary to the widely copied Sheffield Bowie, the variations of this outdoor knife resemble the early American Bowie with its s-shaped stainless steel crossguard sporting a finely satinized surface. The exquisite scales of domestic oak lend the Boker Bowie even more authenticity. Comes with a high-quality Western leather sheath in black, design based on the original.


Steel: N690
Blade length: 7.795“ inch / 198 mm
Total length: 12.795” inch / 325 mm
Handle length: 5" inch / 127 mm
Handle scales: Oak Wood

Blade Thickness: 6.4 mm
Overall weight 495 gr.


The cobalt-alloyed N690 by Böhler (not to be confused with the lower-grade N695!) is a very reliable upper middle-grade steel we use at our Solingen manufacture for a wide variety of projects.