Boker Enigma Stag Folding Pocket Knife

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Boker Enigma Stag Pocket Knife -
Boker Enigma SKU 113031 Knife -
Boker Enigma Stag Pocket Knife -
Boker Enigma SKU 113031 Knife -
German Böker Stag Pocket Knife "Enigma"

- Made in Solingen / Germany -


We have always been committed to preserving traditional values in our product range. And we take great pleasure in adding special pieces from our company history to the current collection. A case in point is the Boker Enigma. The main blade is secured with a backlock, but does not have a classic rocker integrated into the handle. In order to close the main blade, the closed smaller blade is pushed slightly towards the handle, which releases the mechanism. The small blade itself functions as a slipjoint.

This extraordinary construction idea is very rare these days, which is why we are happy to be able to offer the mechanism to all fans of classic knives. Both blades are made from 440C and satin finished. Thanks to the sturdy construction of the 3 mm thick main blade, the Enigma is a great utility knife that also comes in very handy for hunters. Brass tangs and nickel silver highlight the classic appeal. With scales made from carefully selected stag.


Steel: 440C
Blade length: 3.740“ inch / 95 mm
Total length: 8.385” inch / 213 mm
Handle length: 4.645” inch / 118 mm
Handle scales: Stag Horn

Blade thickness: 3 mm
Overall weight 165 gr.

Additional Informations abour "Slipjoint":

The slipjoint is a locking mechanism for folding knives. Slipjoint knives do not possess a mechanical locking mechanism. Instead, the open blade is locked only by means of a spring attached to the end of the spine. Slipjoints are one of the most common locking mechanisms for folding knives.