Boker Savannah Stag Full Tang Hunting Knife

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Boker Savannah -
Boker savannah stag -
Boker Savannah -
Boker savannah stag -
German Böker Stag Full Tang Knife Savannah

- Made in Solingen / Germany -


The Boker Savannah Stag is a professional hunting and outdoor knife with a massive blade and elegant lines. The design by Armin Stütz, from the Austrian knife forge "Steirer Eisen", was developed in collaboration with professional rangers based on intensive experience in big game hunting in South Africa. The solid blade has an exceptional two-tone finish and is made of the cobalt-alloyed N690. This high performance steel can handle any cutting task, and the full tang design of this piece provides extraordinary strength and stability. The classic handle scales made of stag give the hand an excellent hold and provide a traditional look. For all friends of the probably most traditional of all handle materials of hunting knives stag still offers an unbroken fascination and enjoys extreme popularity. Stainless steel bolsters and a lanyard hole complete this high class knife. A reliable and powerful companion for all outdoor activities. With high quality leather sheath.


Steel: N690
Blade length: 4.566“ inch / 116 mm
Total length: 8.976” inch / 228 mm
Handle length: 4.409" inch / 112 mm
Handle scales: Stag Horn

Blade Thickness: 3.4 mm
Weight 184 gr.

Additional informations about "Steirer Eisen and "Armin Stütz":

The Austrian Armin Stütz began manufacturing knives in 1984 and founded the blacksmith Steirer Eisen in 1996. Since this time, knives and swords have been produced in pure manual work, initially, in particular, fixed knives, but for a number of years also increasingly folding knives for a wide range of applications. In the meantime, Steirer Eisen is Austria\'s largest blacksmith.