Boker Trench Knife Grabendolch

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Boker Trench Knife -
Boker Trench Grabendolch -
Boker 121918 -
Boker Trench Knife -
Boker Trench Grabendolch -
Boker 121918 -

German Böker "Trench" Knife Grabendolch

- Made in Solingen / Germany -


During the positional war during the First World War and the resulting trench warfare, many of the insufficiently equipped soldiers developed auxiliary weapons, which were manufactured in field forges and workshops on and behind the front. In the course of the battles, however, it became clear that the soldiers' equipment and armament did not meet the requirements of this particular fighting style. In 1915 Boker was therefore commissioned by the Ministry of War to develop a compact combat knife that was ideally suited for precisely this purpose.
The true-to-the-original Boker Trench Knive also has a stainless steel blade made of C75. This carbon steel with an enormous edge retention requires appropriate care today as it did then. The massive stainless steel crossguard, the old official tang stamp on the blade, the local ribbed wood handle and the authentic sheath made of high-quality leather are also part of the original equipment. The knives are marked with a serial number.


Steel: C75
Blade length: 5.669“ inch / 144 mm
Total length: 10.078” inch / 256 mm
Handle length: 4.409" inch / 112 mm
Handle scales: Walnut Wood

Blade Thickness: 3.39 mm
Overall weight 165 gr.

Additional informations about C75 steel:

C75 is a classic non-stainless carbon steel we use for special projects in our manufacture in Solingen. Carbon steel soon develops its typical blue-gray patina that is not a flaw but a natural property of the material.